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The problems in "Mastering essential pre-university physics", in "Mastering essential pre-university chemistry", and in "Mastering Essential GCSE Physics" help students master the concepts of physics and physical chemistry included in typical Sixth Form and GCSE courses. The problems in "Pre-university Mathematics for Sciences" under pin all the sciences, as well as giving practice and fluency for Maths and further Maths A-levels themselves.

  • Use the themed question sets to practise applying single principles of physics or physical chemistry to a range of situations, beginning with manipulating the essential equations.
  • Chapters 1-6 of "Pre-university Mathematics" take their questions from levels 1-6 of the on-line mathematics from Isaac Physics and Isaac Chemistry spanning from the end of GCSE to the start of university. Chapter 7 gives challenging and eclectic applications of maths to the theory of a range of sciences.

Check your answers at, at or at where online versions of each question set can be found. Register (free) and get personalised support, for both students and teachers:

  • Students can enter their answers to questions for Isaac Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics to mark.
  • Teachers can set question sheets for homework and then obtain detailed results for each student.
  • Bulk orders of the books (20 or more copies) can be made at £1 per book plus post and packing. Single copies can also be bought by following the links in the menu.

Download here parts of Mastering Physics and of Problem-Solving.

Included are the content pages, introduction and the starts of the AS and the A2 sections of Mastering Physics, and all of Developing Problem-Solving book. Developing Problem-Solving Skills gives fully worked solutions for two isaacphysics problems to illustrate the methods and skills being developed. It also gives a sample question from each section of the isaacphysics MOOC.

Download here parts of Mastering Physical Chemistry.

Included are the content pages, introduction, the mapping of each question set onto exam specifications, and chapters A & B.

Download here parts of Mastering Essential GCSE Physics.

Included are the content pages, introduction, notes for teachers, and how to use the book. Then follow the first 13 sections of the book, covering basic skills and most of mechanics.

For teachers: on the book pages you will find:

A specification map linking your board's topics with the appropriate book section. One more click will set as homework the section being taught! See the teacher notes about marking and analysis of results by Isaac.

A hyperlinked pdf of the book text plus examples for class room projection is available on the book's web pages.

Download here parts of Pre-University Mathematics for Sciences.

Included are the content pages, introduction, and the first two chapters, that is the most elementary levels 1 and 2 from Isaac (end of GCSE and start of A-level).

The first reprint has been expanded (October, 2018) from 96pp to 160pp. Graph sketching has been added to each of chapters 1-6, and is hugely important for understanding scientific results at a deep level, and is much sought after in students by top universities. Chapter 7 has been expanded to 9 sections to cover an eclectic range of topics - vectors, exponentials, formulating problems, population dynamics, parametric functions (including the log horns of the book's cover), yachting, rainbows, an integration challenge.

Download here parts of A Cavendish Quantum Mechanics Primer.

This primer takes able readers from their penultimate school year to well into the second year quantum mechanics course in physics at Cambridge. It is not a textbook, but a primer introducing essential ideas, analytical skills and the solving of problems --- much in the style of the Cambridge physics course.

The Primer is challenging, but within the reach of a committed A-level student.See here for how it is used by A-level students, and how it can help you gain insight into Quantum Mechanics, and gain fluency and confidence in maths and physics.

Download here parts of "How to solve physics problems".

"How to solve physics problems" is a practical guide to using your pre-university physics knowledge to create solutions for unfamiliar situations.

Combining hand-written answers with commentary, it illustrates the problem-solving processes involved, as well as highlighting the importance of good diagrams and clear, logical working. It also demonstrates how different methods can be used to arrive at the same solution, and how common mathematical tricks can be used across different areas of physics.

The problem-solving skills illustrated in this book will help you to solve physics problems on Isaac Physics and beyond, as well as problems in other spheres of life.

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